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Provide the best-in-class product and treatment support

We enable every pharma and medtech company to provide the best digital treatment support for all of their patients and users easily.

Because real support will make the difference in your value creation.

ImpactMonitorᵀᴹ platform concept

The world’s unique one-stop shop for all kinds of product and treatment support

There’s more than 200,000 drugs and 30,000 conditions in Europe, and not every one has its own app. Most of the existing apps that do cover these drugs and conditions aren’t even used.

This is why we have built the ImpactMonitorᵀᴹ platform: the worldwide unique one-stop shop that unites all pharma and medtech companies to provide digital support to their patients and users.

Besides the general space we operate in – MedWatcherᵀᴹ – we have joint cooperation with leading research organisations. Every pharma and medtech company gets their own product and treatment spaces – accessible for everyone, easily and conveniently.

Take the best care of your users with our support

Everything you need in your own ImpactMonitorᵀᴹ product spaces

We help you to provide excellent treatment support
to your patients or users. Their needs are our priority.

Advantages of digital patient and user support

The impact of great patient and user experience

We know that providing digital patient or user support from a pharma perspective can be intimidating. But to create lasting value for both your users and your business, good user experience is essential.

How do patients and users get access?

Flexible access to the ImpactMonitorᵀᴹ platform

Users register to the platform via the exclusive product and treatment spaces, or via MedWatcherᵀᴹ.
We’ve kept it simple and made sure it benefits everyone.

A selection of our partners

Proof of concept

Our statistics speak for themselves

Looking at existing apps and solutions, we realized that patients and users need a one-stop platform to track their health, various diseases and medications. On the other hand, manufacturers also want to support their users digitally in the best possible way. Both together result in the ImpactMonitorTM platform.


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ImpactMonitorᵀᴹ platform

We connect patients and pharma for a better life

We cannot do this alone. We need you too.
It’s your patients and users who advance our knowledge base.

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