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XO Life offers health insurers digital health solutions to improve drug safety and protect their insured.


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XO Life Capture

The innovative online communication service of side effects for your policyholders.

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XO Life Insights

Optimize your healthcare spending with real-word evidence in drug safety.

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XO Life Guide

Support your policyholders in better assessing the benefits and risks of their therapies.

XO Life Capture

The digital and networked XO Life reporting service as an additional service for your insurance customers.

Direct integration of the reporting service

Integrate our reporting service easily, quickly and individually into your web portal or app – we have already prepared everything technically for you.

Networked communication with every message

Every report from your insured person is forwarded to the responsible pharmaceutical company for a comprehensive assessment via our communication platform. Pharmaceutical companies can then send queries directly to patients and med. Provide expert groups and thus contribute to clarification.

Connection of further supply services

Give your policyholders the option of being directly connected to an online doctor if they report side effects or recommend targeted health services from your portfolio.

XO Life Insights

Use our comprehensive, structured and valid database to gain insights into the real-world evidence of drug safety. We support you to draw the right conclusions with our analytical models.
Risk-benefit profiles of drugs in the real world
Improve your decision-making basis for the risk-benefit assessment of drugs through an extensive database of side effect reports from a broad patient base.
Saving unnecessary expenses
Reduce direct and indirect costs associated with avoidable hospitalizations and follow-up therapies – you can better use the financial resources elsewhere.
Know what your policyholders need
Get insights into the care needs of your policyholders based on the reports. Derive relevant health services from this to expand your portfolio.

XO Life Guide

Our data-based information tool gives your policyholders a transparent overview of the side effect profiles of various drugs and thus acts as an important decision-making tool.
Individual side effect profiles
Pave the way for personalized package inserts and enable insights into individual side effect profiles based on the crowd experience of different patient groups.
Support in choosing a therapy
Help your insured persons choose the therapy that is right for them by comparing the risk-benefit profiles of various forms of therapy – because some decisions affect your whole life.

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