Get access to real-world insights on conditions and treatments

We enable everyone – research institutes, healthcare professionals, pharma and medtech companies – to access structured, high-quality patient reported data from the real world.

Scientifically validated, GDPR-compliant and secure.

How does it work + benefits

Embrace real-world insights from your patients’ and users’ reports

Patients and users are your real end customers, so it’s essential to understand their needs, wishes and challenges with their conditions and treatments.

Proof of concept

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1 year after launch

Looking at existing solutions, we have understood the need for a one-stop platform for patients and users to track their health, monitor different conditions and get support for their treatments. There’s now no need for multiple apps with different conditions.


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ImpactMonitorᵀᴹ platform

We connect patients and pharma for a better life

We cannot do this alone. We need you too.
It’s your patients and users who advance our knowledge base.

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